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Staying on top of your inhalers has never been easier.

Inhale is a powerful and intuitive app for anyone who uses an inhaler. It helps remind you when to take your inhalers, and keeps track of when you took them so you can see how well you’re adhering to your prescription. If you take your inhaler as needed, Inhale can serve as a useful tool to track your use history.


  • Daily schedule

    View today's schedule to see when your inhalers are due, or view schedules for other days.

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications on your device when it’s time to take your inhalers.

  • Inhaler notes and pictures

    Take notes or a picture of your inhaler’s box to make refills more convenient.

  • Reports

    See how well you’ve been adhering to your prescription by viewing usage reports.

  • History

    Look back at your use history to see when you’ve taken or missed your inhalers.

  • Actuation counter

    Keep track of the actuations (or puffs) that are left on your inhalers as you use them.

  • Health app

    Inhale is fully integrated with the Health app, and can submit your inhaler usage.

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Important: This app ("Inhale") is for educational purposes only. You cannot rely on Inhale alone to remember to take your medications, or to replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Inhale does not provide medical or treatment advice. Always consult with a physician.

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