Add an inhaler

To add an inhaler:

  1. Tap the My Inhalers icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap + at the top right of the screen to open the Add Inhaler form
  3. Fill out the fields

When adding an inhaler, you’ll need to enter your prescribed schedule (if applicable).

To enter a schedule:

  1. Tap Schedule on the Add Inhaler screen
  2. Tap the type of schedule you are prescribed to (As Needed or Daily).
    Important note: Only “As Needed” and “Daily” schedules are supported at this time. Do not use this feature if the available schedule options do not meet your prescription.
  3. Tap Times per day
  4. Tap Add Time
  5. Choose the time you are prescribed to take your inhaler
  6. Tap Save
  7. If you need to, repeat steps 4 through 6
  8. Tap Back

When you’re done entering information, tap Done to save your new inhaler.