Record scheduled inhaler use

When it’s time to take your inhaler and record your use, go to the Schedule tab by tapping the Schedule icon at the bottom of the screen.

To use an inhaler with a daily schedule:

  1. Find and tap the inhaler with the due date/time you need to use as prescribed. An action menu will appear for that inhaler and due date/time.
  2. When you use your inhaler as prescribed, tap Use from the action menu. You will get a green confirmation.


  1. If you want to record your use at a custom time, tap and hold Use for a second and a custom time menu will appear. Choose your custom time and tap Use.
  2. If you accidentally recorded an inhaler use (or ignore if applicable), you can undo it by shaking your phone and tapping Undo when the undo menu appears. Or, you can find and tap the record you created in the Scheduled tab, tap the Used (or Ignored if applicable) filter, and tap Undo Use (or Undo Ignore if applicable) from the action menu.